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Hegel CDP4A

High-End Reference CD player. What is lost can never be recovered... This is why the music source is of such big importance. If signals are lost in the reading process it can never be repaired by a good amplifier or a loudspeaker. The process of reading a CD seems quite simple at first, but it requires very precise timing and the weak signal can very easily be distorted. If you get these factors under control you are well on your way to a natural and dynamic sounding system. A system that brings you closer to the performers. The CDP4A is all that. Thanks to the Hegel CD-Drive mechanism with redesigned servo motors and perfectly synchronized timing throughout the digital domain.

We are proud to say that we are one of the very few manufacturers on the market with capability of designing a CD-Player on this level from the ground up. The benefits for you are obvious; a fully integrated design in more durable, and it sounds better. Hegel CDP4A has a digital output that can be used to connect it to a separate D/A-converter, like the HD10. Both our CD-Players are controlled by only two buttons on the front panel, or via the supplied system remote control unit. The 2-button design and our nicely curved front panel even gave us the Norwegian Design Councils "Award for design excellence". It looks good. It sounds natural. It's truly Scandinavian.

The difference between the CDP4A and CDP2A: The CDP4A is using a more advanced audio board than the CDP2A. It has more precise components and a more complex power supply. The CDP4A is using the new and more precise Hegel master clock 2 with an extremely low jitter level. Altogether the CDP4A will have a larger dynamic range, a lower colouration and better analogue outputs than the CDP2A.

Technical Details

DAC: 24bit 352kHz multilevel DACs with synchronised upsampling
Jitter level: Less than 10ps
Analog outputs: RCA Unbalanced and XLR balanced
Digital output: 75 ohm SPDIF RCA connector
Frequency response: Less than +/- 0.1dB deviation 20kHz
Phase response: Linear phase filter
Noise floor: Less than -130dB
Crosstalk: Less than -100dB
Distortion: Less than 0.002%
Intermodulation: Less than -110dB (19kHz + 20kHz)
Signal level: 2.3V for balanced and unbalanced outputs
Dimensions/weight: 8cm x 43cm x 29cm (HxWxD), 10kg
Dimensions/weight US: 3,2" x 17" x 11,4" (HxBxD), 22 lbs

Hegel CDP4A

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If you are interested in our products and would like to try or buy one, please find the authorized Hegel distributor in your country. Our dealers are qualified to tell you everything you need to know and help you start your Hegel experience. Please click the button below to go to the distributors list.

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Is the Hegel CDP4A available in different colours?
The Hegel products are available in the standard "Pearl silver" colour. The finish is made by blasting the solid aluminium front panel and knobs with tiny glass particles and anodizing the surface. The top cover is brushed and anodized aluminium. The CDP4A can also be delivered in a completely black anodized colour.
Can the Hegel CDP4A be used with other amplifiers than Hegel?
All the different Hegel units has got a neutral sound signature, so that they can be used together with other high quality audio units from different manufacturers. However we recommend you to listen to a combination of a CDP4A and a Hegel amplifier for optimal sound quality.
Is the Hegel CDP4A true balanced?
Both the balanced and unbalanced outputs of the CDP4A are using true electronically balanced signal processing from the CD-drive and to the outputs. The unbalanced outputs are converted to a single ended signal directly from the balanced outputs, keeping the signal in the balanced domain as long as possible.
Is the CDP4A using upsampling?
The CDP4A is using syncronised upsampling and 24 bit 192kHz DACs together with a highly accurate discrete master clock circuit. The SuperClock master reference clock has got clock jitter less than 14ps.
How can I use the pause function when playing a CD?
While the CDP4A is playing a CD the pause function can be activated by pressing the play button on the CDP4A or the play button on the remote control. The pause function is indicated by the text "PAUSE" flashing in the display. To restart the track from pause, press play once more.
Can I open the CD-loader from the Hegel remote control?
When the CD has stopped playing the CD loader can be opened by holding down the "STOP" knob on the remote control for 1-2 seconds. After loading a CD the CD loader can be closed by pushing the "PLAY" knob on the remote control.
What kind of CD-drive is used in the CDP4A?
The CD-servo board is developed in-house by Hegel and the laser assembly is a SONY unit. The CD-drive uses a SuperClock reference clock signal from the master clock oscillator on the audio board to keep the clocking jitter extremely low.
Can the CDP4A play CD-R discs?
The CDP4A will play CD-R discs within the Red Book Specifications, but will not play MP3 files.

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