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Hegel HD12

Introducing the next generation of Hegel D/A-Converters - The HD12, introduces a combination of great new functionality as well as greatly improved sound quality. First of all, a brand new USB interface allows you to use all common sampling frequencies up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Also, this new interface allows playback of native DSD-files (PC only), without conversion to PCM. Furthermore, the HD12 has equal quality on the 2 optical and 1 coaxial inputs. Versatility - With an HD12 you can upgrade virtually any system to Hegel standards. There is a very high quality headphone output, regular RCA phono outputs as well as true balanced XLR outputs. This means you can connect to any receiver/amplifier and/or subwoofer. However, the built-in and remote-controlled volume attenuator also allows direct connection to a pair of active loudspeakers or to a power amplifer. High End to the people.

Sound - New research in the digital domain has resulted in extremely low jitter levels. In particular, great improvements have been made to "skirting", a distortion that reduces the timing and precision in the sound. You hear it very well in drums and dynamic elements of the music. Another large improvement comes in the analog part of the D/A-Converter. We are talking about a noise floor of -145dB. It means the HD12 brings out so much more of those tiny details that suck you in to the music. Quite simply a significant upgrade and a remarkable D/A-Converter.

Technical Details

Digital inputs: Coaxial / optical up to 24bit / 192kHz, USB up to 24bit / 192kHz
DSD capability: DSD64 (on PC only. Mac drivers will launch spring 2015)
Dac IC / digital filter: 32 bit
Output signal level: 2.5V RMS (at 0dBFS)
Digital inputs: 1 coaxial, 2 optical and 1 USB-B (2.0)
Analog outputs: XLR balanced and RCA / phono unbalanced/ headphone
Frequency response: 0Hz - 50kHz
Phase response: Linear phase analog filter
Noise floor: -145dB
Distortion: Typically less than 0.0005%
Power supply: Internal toroidal transformer and 20,000uF capacitors
Dimensions/weight: 6cm x 21cm x 26cm (HxWxD) / 3.5kg
Dimensions/weight: 2.35" x 8.3" x 10.24" (HxBxD), 6.6 lbs

Where to buy

If you are interested in our products and would like to try or buy one, please find the authorized Hegel distributor in your country. Our dealers are qualified to tell you everything you need to know and help you start your Hegel experience. Please click the button below to go to the distributors list.

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Can I use the HD12 with Rhapsody or Spotify music streaming services?
Yes. Simply connect the HD12 to your computer using the USB soundcard. Music streaming from Rhapsody, Spotify or other similar services will now de decoded by the HD12.
Can I use the HD12 together with active loudspeakers?
Yes. With the built in volume control the HD12 is a perfect connection with active loudspeakers or power amplifiers.
Is the Hegel HD12 available in different colours?
The Hegel HD12 is available in black. The finish is made by blasting the solid Aluminium panels with tiny glass particles and anodizing the surface. The top cover is painted.
What file types will the HD12 support when connected to a computer?
The beauty of it is that the HD12 is not the player. Your computer is the player. So any format, any resolution and any file type your computer can play will work through the HD12.
What type of units can I connect to the HD12?
You can connect computer that has a true USB output with ability to supply power through the USB port. This generally covers any computers or laptops on the market today. The coaxial and optical inputs can connect to most products with a similar output and capability to send out a PCM coded signal up to 24 bit/192 kHz resolution.

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